Measurement Panel Options

The  button displays the dialog shown below



Ten (10) buttons on the toolbar can be named by the user as shown above, the two other buttons to the right are for deleting and settings.

To set the curve styles and colors of the measurement panel curves, click the  toolbar. This will open the Plot->Layout->Curve Styles and Colors… dialog.

Note: From this dialog, you will se that the color of Button 1 is the same as Curve 7, the color of Button 2 is the same as Curve 8, etc…


The measurements will be saved in the folder shown below.



The user may specify his own folder. This way the user can save in a new subfolder for each new measurement session. This is useful e.g. if measuring several surround systems and wanting to save the data for each.


The data are saved with the names given in the button captions shown below.