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_Menus and Dialog Boxes-2
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1/3 Octave (Reverberation times only)
1/3 octave frequency range
2-channel loop-back for sound cards with one input only
2-channel loop-back for sound cards with two physical inputs (e.g. line and microphone input)
A tip that will avoid WinMLS to crash
Abnormal termination on shutdown
About WinMLS...
Active Measurement
Active measurement in Primary (upper) Plot
Active measurement in Secondary (lower) Plot
Active measurement in upper plot
Active measurement settings
Active plot
Add Curve(s)
Add text to Plot
Add to Axis Titles
Add to Footer
Add to Title
Advanced Plot Settings…
Advanced settings
All Measurements
An error message is given when trying to perform a measurement, why?
Answer: The sound card does not support stereo full duplex
Arrange Icons
As Measurement System Correction File
Auto Refresh
Autoname generator
Auto-scale the plot in all directions
Auto-scaling of y-axis maximum value
Average Gain
Average gain offset.
BandPass/BandStop filter settings
Binaural pair
Blackman-Harris (full)
Breakout cables
Browser for saving 1-channel measurement
Browser for saving 2-channel Measurement
Browser for saving multi-channel (>2 channels) Measurement
Browser: Open
Calculation Options
Calculation Options...
Can a given setup be automatically called using DOS switches?
Can multi-channel measurements (>2 channels) be performed using WinMLS?
Cancel Measurement
Card Deluxe
Centre time
Change curve type
Change the curve color
Changing plot settings
Channel 1
Channel 2
Chart page
Chart Settings for Active Plot...
Close dialog
Closely spaced omni-directional pair
Compensation of Magnitude
Convert Measurement(s)...
Copy to clipboard
Correction, fixed noise/speech
Correction, noise updated automatically
Crystal CS32BA11
CS4232 in IBM Thinkpad 380
CS423x in Toshiba Tecra
Cumulative energy
Cumulative Spectral Decay (CSD)
Curve type
Curve Type and corresponding Chart-file
Data page
Decay range (SNR)
Decay times
Default Curve Styles
Default file-parameters
Defaults for Saving...
Delete All Curves
Delete setup
Delete Unplotted Measurements
Delete unplotted measurements from memory
Deleting curve(s) from the plot
Dell Inspiron 3800 (Ess Media 3)
Dell Latitude CPt 500GT
Delta 1010LT
Detailed Calibration
Digigram VX222
Digital input/output
Direct energy options
Disabling emphasis and system correction buttons
Display curve belonging to active measurement with different width
Display numerical values
Display one or two plots in the window
Display plotting of each slice
Display Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
Display the curve
Display time window in time data plot type
Do you want exact initial time delay?
Double derivative
Double integral
Double-clicking in the plot will not open the plot type settings dialog
Dragging curves to change the order
Dual omni-directional
Early energy ratios
Edit Menu Reference
Egosys U2A
Emphasis offset
Energy-Time-Frequency (ETC)
Energy-Time-Frequency (ETF) calculation settings
Ensoniq Audio PCI
ESS 1868
ESS 1878
ESS Maestro
Excess group delay
Excess phase
Excitation from text file
Exiting WinMLS when it is not maximized
Export tab
FAQ: Applications
FAQ: Measurement
FAQ: Plotting and post-processing
FAQ: Room Acoustics
FFT shift
FFT size
File Menu Reference
Filtering using Hamming
Finding and Preparing the Volume Control
Firewire Devices
Fix to Frequency Value
Fourier transform size
Frequency domain windowing
Frequency Plots Toolbar
Frequency range
Full duplex
General Frequency Domain Settings
General Frequency Domain Settings...
General information about the Digigram cards (VXpocket, PCXpocket, PCX9 and VX 222)
General settings
Guideline style
Guidelines settings
Hardware Calibration…
Heating of the card may slightly affects the absolute level calibration
Help Menu Reference
Help Topics...
High-end measurements
Hold plotted curves
How are room acoustics parameters presented?
How can curves in the plot remain so that they are there when the program is restarted or a new window is opened?
How can I delete a single curve?
How can I move the curves away from the nag screen in the personal version?
How can the Room Acoustics Parameters Grid be copied to a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)?
How do I find the background noise level of my impulse response measurement?
How to “turn off” a single curve from the plot without deleting it?
How to access a measurement from memory?
How to access the settings for the plot type?
How to access zoom options, e.g. to turn the mouse zooming on/off ?
How to add a cursor (cross) that follows a curve?
How to add a text box to the plot?
How to add legend, displaying a list of the curves that are in the plot?
How to add pre-filtering (emphasis) to the excitation signal (MLS)?
How to automatically compute room acoustics parameters from several measurements?
How to average or doing other calculations on room acoustics parameters obtained from several measurements?
How to band limit the excitation signal?
How to calibrate the input of the measurement system?
How to calibrate the output of the measurement system?
How to change the bandwidth, e.g. obtain the reverberation time of the broadband measurement?
How to change the curve style (color, type and width)?
How to change the curve type?
How to change the order of curves?
How to change the x-axis of the Room Ac. Parameters plot type when plotting octave band parameters
How to change y-axis scaling?
How to check that my sound card measurement is correct?
How to choose between plotting several curves and a single curve?
How to compute one parameter only, e.g. reverberation time?
How to convert a measurement file, e.g. of extension .wmb to .wav?
How to correct for the influence of the measurement system?
How to display in dBA?
How to display in octaves?
How to display one single curve as Solo?
How to display room acoustics parameters automatically after performing a measurement or inserting measurement file(s)?
How to display several measurements (e.g. for comparison and for saving the data)?
How to display the numerical values of the Magnitude Frequency Response Guidelines?
How to display two plots simultaneously, e.g. the upper plot displaying frequency response and the lower phase response?
How to do get logical filename suggestions of when performing several measurements?
How to export the computed parameters from the “Room acoustics parameters” grid?
How to filter the measurement, e.g. using a BandPass filter?
How to find the level difference between stereo speakers?
How to find the level difference of two measurements as function of frequency?
How to fix problems with the formatting when pasting room acoustics parameters to Excel?
How to fix problems with the formatting when reading a room acoustics parameters text-file to Excel?
How to generate your own filter?
How to get a quick explanation of the buttons and menus?
How to get fine resolution on the WinMLS mixer slider?
How to improve signal-to-noise ratio for low frequencies?
How to make calculations, such as average and difference on plotted curves?
How to measure levels, such as in octaves and dBA
How to measure loudspeaker frequency response and use SPL as vertical axis?
How to measure loudspeaker frequency response uncalibrated?
How to measure loudspeaker impedance?
How to measure room acoustics?
How to measure speech transmission indexes STI or RASTI?
How to measure the initial time delay (the distance between the loudspeaker and the microphone)?
How to perform “Detailed Calibration”?
How to perform “Total Calibration”?
How to perform a 1-channel measurement (MLS) using WinMLS?
How to perform a triggered measurement?
How to perform absolute calibration of input level?
How to perform calibration of absolute output level?
How to perform relative calibration of mixer input levels?
How to perform relative calibration of mixer output levels?
How to plot a measurement?
How to plot a transfer function (e.g. room or loudspeaker measurement) in octave or third-octave bands?
How to plot figures in black and white only (e.g. for publishing)?
How to plot spectrum in octave or third-octave bands?
How to read WinMLS files in Matlab?
How to run WinMLS as a function from Matlab?
How to run WinMLS as batch file?
How to save the data in the plot?
How to save the plot as a picture?
How to scroll the plot using the mouse?
How to set the axis labels format?
How to set the axis labels increment?
How to set the axis labels resolution?
How to set the plot type (to e.g. phase response) and determine what measurement is to be plotted?
How to set the time data window when plotting in frequency domain? (determine part of the time data to be used when transforming to the frequency domain)?
How to specify two measurements for computing room acoustics parameters?
How to speed up the plotting?
How to switch from line input to microphone input?
How to turn on and modify gridlines
How to use a sinusoidal excitation signal?
How to use this sound card for doing calibrated measurements?
How to use WinMLS as a level meter for measuring SPL values in octave, 1/3 octave, dBA?
How to validate numbers typed in the Plot Toolbar?
How to view and manipulate the data of the plotted curves?
How to zoom the plot using the mouse?
I can hear feedback, how can it be turned off?
IBM Thinkpad A22E (Crystal WMD Audio Codec)
IBM x20 (Crystal Soundfusion)
If a setting is changed for the displayed plot-type, how are the curves belonging to the plot updated?
If I have measured an impulse response, how can I find the level (for example in dBA)?
If several curves are in the plot, it may happen that an error will occur in plotting Guidelines.
If the system is low on memory, e.g. after opening several programs, WinMLS may become unstable and crash.
If there are many lines in the waterfall plot, how to space the lines less close together?
If waterfall is plotted, how to read the waterfall slice values using the cursor?
Important features of the User Interface
Impulse response
Input Absolute Level Calibration
Input Settings
Insert in Active Group...
Integral (Step response)
Integration Options
Interaural crosscorrelation
Introduction to WinMLS 2000
Is it possible to process the impulse excitation using the constant Q transform (CAS Journal, Nov.93, p.1-4)?
Is there a way of automatically sending measurement channel two to the lower plot or insert measurements in both upper and lower plot in one operation.
ISA cards
Lateral parameters
Length of Measured Data
License Options...
License Transfer
Limitations when plotting parameters needing two measurements
Limits for automatic setting of volume
Linear sum (1/3 oct., scope mode)
List of Curves Toolbar
List of Windows
Load setup
Loading chart files
Loop-back measurement procedure
Loop-back settings
LowPass/HighPass filter settings
Maximum Gain
Measurement 1: Loop-back measurement of the sound card
Measurement 2: A simple loudspeaker measurement
Measurement 3: Measuring using loop-back
Measurement Group
Measurement in lower plot or reference measurement
Measurement Information…
Measurement Menu Reference
Measurement mode
Measurement procedure
Measurement Selection Toolbar
Measurement Settings Toolbar
Measurement Settings Toolbar (also found in View menu)
Measurement Setup...
Measurement System Correction
Measurement System Correction File
Measurement System Structure
Measurement Tasks…
Measurement->Set Automatic Input Level(s) is slow
Menu: Solo Active Measurement Curve
Microphone amplifier/Phantom power supply
Microphone type(s)
Midiman DMAN 2044
Minimum Gain
Minimum group delay
Minimum phase
Mixer and Synchronization Settings
MLS (scope)
More about Integration Options
My measurements look too good, why?
NeoMagic MagicMedia 256 CODEC
New Group
No Correction
No excitation (scope)
No floor
No noise/speech correction
No processing
Normalize to 0 dB
Note on installation of the driver
Number of Averages
Number of Channels to Measure
Number of plots
Number of sequences to pre-send
Numerical display: How to compute and display room acoustics parameters in a grid?
Omni-directional and figure-of-8
Open Group...
Opening/inserting .txt-files with first column x-axis and second column y-axis is not yet supported
Opening/inserting 24 bits .wav-files is not possible in this version
Output Absolute level calibration
Output Settings
Parameter Settings
Parameter Settings...
PCI cards
PCMCIA cards (laptop)
PCXPocket by Digigram
Perform division
Performing a 2-channel measurement
Performing the measurement
Phase type
Placing several toolbars together at the very top or bottom of WinMLS may not give same positioning on restart.
Plot Chart Settings
Plot Menu Reference
Plot settings toolbar supports up to 4 decimals.
Plot Toolbar
Plot type
Plot Type in Active Plot
Plot Type in Primary (upper) Plot
Plot Type in Secondary (lower) Plot
Plot Type Settings: Energy-time Curve
Plot Type Settings: Frequency Response/Spectrum...
Plot Type Settings: Group Delay...
Plot Type Settings: Integrated Time Data (Step Response)...
Plot Type Settings: Levels...
Plot Type Settings: Overview
Plot Type Settings: Phase Frequency Response/Function...
Plot Type Settings: Room Ac. Parameters...
Plot Type Settings: Schroeder Curve…
Plot Type Settings: Time Data…
Plot Type Settings: Waterfall...
Plotting - general information
Plotting dependency on SNR
Plotting: How to compute and plot room acoustics parameters such as reverberation time?
Post-Processing Setup...
Post-processing the measurement
Power amplifier
Practical information, tips and warnings
Pre-D/A sound card output amplitude
Preparing loop-back
Presenting results
Print Active Plot
Print Preview Active Plot...
Print tab
Problems with IBM TP 600X laptop running Windows 2000
Processing Type
Real part and imaginary part of frequency response/spectrum
Recommended Sound Cards
Reference level calculation procedure
Reference measurement
Reference to slice
Refresh Active
Refresh All
Refresh All will not update the colors correctly if there exists several curves of the same measurement.
Registering WinMLS
Relative calibration of mixer input
Relative calibration of mixer output
Remove DC-component (0 Hz)
Remove delay in frequency range
Result of calculation
RME Hammerfall DIGI9652
Room Acoustics
Room Acoustics Introduction
Room Acoustics Menu Reference
Sampling Frequency
Save Active Measurement
Save Active Measurement As...
Save Active Plot As...
Save both Measurement and Post-proc. setup
Save Data in Active Plot As...
Save Measurement Setup
Save Post-processing Setup
Save Post-processing Setup when Measurement Setup is saved
Save setup
Save setup as
Saving the measurement
Saving the settings
SB Live Platinum
SB Live Value
Sek'd Prodif 96 Pro
SEK'D Siena
Select “lower plot measurement” or “reference measurement” in combo box
Select a new Measurement Setup
Select a new Post-processing Setup
Select Plot Type(s)/Measurement(s)...
Select reference measurement
Select setup
Selecting curve color
Selecting curve width and style
Sequence Order
Sequence Type
Series page
Set Input Volume(s)
Set Output Volume
Set the input and output levels
Setting the lower window limit
Setting the lower x-axis limit
Setting the lower y-axis limit
Setting the upper window limit
Setting the upper x-axis limit
Setting the upper y-axis limit
Settings for the Active Plot
Setups Toolbar
Shift magnitude
Shortcut keys
Show time window for active measurement
Single omni-directiona
Sinusoid (scope)
Sinusoid Settings…
Smoothing or Integration
Smoothing Settings
Software File Structure
Sonorus STUDI/O
Sound Blaster 16
Sound Blaster AWE 32
Sound Blaster AWE 64
Sound Blaster PCI 128
Sound Blaster PCI 64
Sound card
Sound Card Settings
Sound Card Specific Settings
Sound Card Troubleshooting
Sound Cards
Sound Chips/Laptops
Sound Devices that have been tested not work with WinMLS
Sound Devices that have been tested to work with WinMLS
Soundtrack 128 DDMA
Source to receiver distance
Special case: If two plots are displayed showing the same plot type.
Specification of input impulse responses
Specifying the secondary measurement does not help, why?
Speech transmission indices and modulation transfer function
Stage parameter
Standard Toolbar
Standby mode
Start Measurement
Status Bar
Status bar during a measurement
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Subtract delay
Synchronization Loop Connection for 2-channel Measurement
Synchronization Loop-back Connection for Mono Full Duplex Sound Cards
Synchronization Mode - Measurement of initial time delay, or not.
System Requirements
Tasks when performing a measurement
Tasks when performing or inserting a new measurement from file
TB Santa Cruz
Terratec EWX 24/96
Test Current Levels
The first measurements walk-through
The following applies only when importing text-data is implemented:
The plot background colors look strange, why?
The y-axis labels show only zeros, how to change this?
This happens during a loop-back measurement
Time Data processing
Time data window type
Time window settings
Time Window Toolbar
Title and comments
Title Horizontal
Title Vertical
Total calibration
Total Meas. Time
Transfer function
Trigged, no excitation (scope)
Trouble with WinMLS protection.
Troubleshooting and Known Issues
Truncation and compensation
Turning off Windows Notification Sounds
Turtle Beach Fiji/Pinnacle
Turtle Beach Monterey/Tahiti
Turtle Beach Multisound Classic
Type of emphasis
Type of filtering
Type of level
Unwrapped phase
Update both plots with the same measurement
USB Devices
Use floor:
User specified reference level
Velocity of sound
Verifying the sound card measurement
Very important: Backup your license
View Menu Reference
Violin Acoustics
Volume and Input Level(s) Dialog
Volume and Input Level(s) Dialog button in Standard Toolbar
VXPocket (V2) by Digigram
VXpocket 440 by Digigram
Waterfall layout
Waterfall microphone compensation
Waveterminal 192X
What about parameters that need two measurements (impulse responses) to be computed?
What format is recommended for saving measurement data?
What if the new unlock code does not work?
What is the easiest way of performing a measurement?
What is the highest sampling rate available (important for e.g. scale modeling in room acoustics)?
When changing the preferred sound device in windows multimedia properties, WinMLS does not work properly, how to fix this?
When plotting waterfall, how to select the start point?
When printing a plot, why is the plot squeezed to the left corner?
Where are the cursor values (x,y) in the plot displayed?
Where is the wavelength displayed?
Where to find the WinMLS documentation?
White background on copy/print
Whole response
Why are plot toolbar axes limits not updated when a plot is zoomed or scrolled?
Why does a small change the in volume settings in WinMLS give no effect?
Why is the synchronization signal not strong enough?
Window active response
Window length
Window Menu Reference
Window type
Window x-axis unit
WinMLS mixer not working in Windows XP problem solved
With Filename <_ActiveMeas_>
Wrap index
Wrapped phase
X-axis settings
Y-axis scaling
Y-axis settings
Z-axis settings