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WinMLS homepage

Introduction to WinMLS 2000

Important features of the User Interface
Where to find the WinMLS documentation?
System Requirements
Sound card
Registering WinMLS
Very important: Backup your license
License Transfer
The first measurements walk-through
How to get a quick explanation of the buttons and menus?
Turning off Windows Notification Sounds
Finding and Preparing the Volume Control
Measurement 1: Loop-back measurement of the sound card
Measurement 2: A simple loudspeaker measurement
Measurement 3: Measuring using loop-back
Performing a 2-channel measurement
Room Acoustics Introduction
Practical information, tips and warnings
Specification of input impulse responses
Shortcut keys
Measurement System Structure
Software File Structure
Troubleshooting and Known Issues
Sound Cards
Recommended Sound Cards
General information about the Digigram cards (VXpocket, PCXpocket, PCX9 and VX 222)
Sound Devices that have been tested not work with WinMLS
Sound Devices that have been tested to work with WinMLS
PCI cards
ISA cards
USB Devices
Firewire Devices
PCMCIA cards (laptop)
Sound Chips/Laptops
FAQ: Measurement
What is the easiest way of performing a measurement?
How to perform a 1-channel measurement (MLS) using WinMLS?
How to check that my sound card measurement is correct?
How to perform a triggered measurement?
How to calibrate the input of the measurement system?
How to calibrate the output of the measurement system?
How to measure the initial time delay (the distance between the loudspeaker and the microphone)?
How to correct for the influence of the measurement system?
How to do get logical filename suggestions of when performing several measurements?
How to get fine resolution on the WinMLS mixer slider?
How to use a sinusoidal excitation signal?
What format is recommended for saving measurement data?
How to convert a measurement file, e.g. of extension .wmb to .wav?
How to improve signal-to-noise ratio for low frequencies?
How to add pre-filtering (emphasis) to the excitation signal (MLS)?
How to access a measurement from memory?
How to read WinMLS files in Matlab?
How to run WinMLS as a function from Matlab?
How to run WinMLS as batch file?
Can a given setup be automatically called using DOS switches?
What is the highest sampling rate available (important for e.g. scale modeling in room acoustics)?
Can multi-channel measurements (>2 channels) be performed using WinMLS?
FAQ: Plotting and post-processing
Plotting - general information
Plot Chart Settings
FAQ: Room Acoustics
How to measure room acoustics?
How are room acoustics parameters presented?
How can the Room Acoustics Parameters Grid be copied to a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)?
How to fix problems with the formatting when pasting room acoustics parameters to Excel?
How to fix problems with the formatting when reading a room acoustics parameters text-file to Excel?
Plotting: How to compute and plot room acoustics parameters such as reverberation time?
How to specify two measurements for computing room acoustics parameters?
Numerical display: How to compute and display room acoustics parameters in a grid?
How to compute one parameter only, e.g. reverberation time?
How to export the computed parameters from the “Room acoustics parameters” grid?
How to change the bandwidth, e.g. obtain the reverberation time of the broadband measurement?
How to display room acoustics parameters automatically after performing a measurement or inserting measurement file(s)?
How to automatically compute room acoustics parameters from several measurements?
How to average or doing other calculations on room acoustics parameters obtained from several measurements?
Is there a way of automatically sending measurement channel two to the lower plot or insert measurements in both upper and lower plot in one operation.
How to change the x-axis of the Room Ac. Parameters plot type when plotting octave band parameters
FAQ: Applications
How to measure loudspeaker frequency response uncalibrated?
How to measure loudspeaker frequency response and use SPL as vertical axis?
How to measure levels, such as in octaves and dBA
How to measure speech transmission indexes STI or RASTI?
How to measure loudspeaker impedance?
How to find the level difference of two measurements as function of frequency?
How to find the level difference between stereo speakers?
Violin Acoustics
File Menu Reference
New Group
Insert in Active Group...
Open Group...
Save Active Measurement As...
Save Active Measurement
Save Data in Active Plot As...
Save Active Plot As...
Print Active Plot
Print Preview Active Plot...
Convert Measurement(s)...
Edit Menu Reference
Copy to clipboard
View Menu Reference
Volume and Input Level(s) Dialog
Measurement Selection Toolbar
Measurement Settings Toolbar
List of Curves Toolbar
Plot Toolbar
Frequency Plots Toolbar
Time Window Toolbar
Setups Toolbar
Standard Toolbar
Status Bar
Measurement Menu Reference
Start Measurement
Cancel Measurement
Test Current Levels
Set Input Volume(s)
Set Output Volume
Measurement Information…
Delete Unplotted Measurements
Sound Card Settings
Hardware Calibration…
Measurement Settings Toolbar (also found in View menu)
Sinusoid Settings…
Advanced Settings
Measurement Tasks…
Defaults for Saving...
Measurement Setup...
Plot Menu Reference
Add Curve(s)
Delete All Curves
Hold plotted curves
Menu: Solo Active Measurement Curve
Auto Refresh
Refresh Active
Refresh All
Select Plot Type(s)/Measurement(s)...
Chart Settings for Active Plot...
Plot Type Settings: Overview
Plot Type Settings: Time Data…
Plot Type Settings: Integrated Time Data (Step Response)...
Plot Type Settings: Energy-time Curve
Plot Type Settings: Schroeder Curve…
Plot Type Settings: Frequency Response/Spectrum...
Plot Type Settings: Phase Frequency Response/Function...
Plot Type Settings: Group Delay...
Plot Type Settings: Waterfall...
Plot Type Settings: Room Ac. Parameters...
Plot Type Settings: Levels...
General Frequency Domain Settings...
Default Curve Styles
White background on copy/print
Advanced Plot Settings…
Post-Processing Setup...
Room Acoustics Menu Reference
Calculation Options...
Parameter Settings...
Window Menu Reference
Title Horizontal
Title Vertical
Arrange Icons
List of Windows
Help Menu Reference
Help Topics...
About WinMLS...
License Options...
Glossary of Terms
Measurement Group
Active Measurement
Active plot
Channel 1
Channel 2
Sound card
Impulse response
Transfer function
Full duplex